Columbus Weather
HINTS - how to use these radars to their fullest potential

Once you get to the desired radar there are some ultra-cool things you can do to enhance their entertainment value.

Select an area you wish to magnify and putting your mouse in the upper left area press and hold the left mouse button and drag the mouse down and to the right.

A blue box will appear and, bingo, that area will zoom in.


In the upper left corner is a small Animate Map, click on that and you will see the storms last hour of movement.

NOW the fun really begins. Next to Animate Map is a link that says Storm Tracks.  Click on it and you will see a prediction of a cells movement for the next 1 hour.   Each cell is named and on the bottom of the screen you will see what that particular Cell is forecasts to do.

The page (not THIS page) will automatically update every few minutes!!  Sit back and watch the storms roll in.



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